ConneX can get up to $400,000 in your pocket in a hurry, and with great credit flexibility. You can factor your invoices, obtain financing for equipment AND qualify for a working capital loan. Call us to learn more.


When factoring isn't enough and you need access to more money than just the next invoice, let us provide the ConneXion to a line of credit. Up to 80% of A/Rs and 50% of inventory can be used to secure the line.


Equipment Finance

ConneX provides some of the lowest cost and highest service merchant processing available. We are so sure we can meet or beat whatever your current cost is we'll pay $1,000 to anyone for whom we cannot provide this. All we need is 2 months merchant statements to provide a proposal to you.

no fees to you


Our fees are paid by our partners in lieu of internal sales commissions they would otherwise pay. There is, therefore, no marginal cost to you.

A/R Financing (Factoring)


When the bank says "No" ConneX can say "Yes". Let us help you acquire the equipment or vehicles that can generate the profits you need. Rates make sense with terms up to 60 months, 100% financing, and application only to as much as $150,000.

Working capital loans


Don't let credit declines get in the way of achieving

your dreams - let ConneX get you the money you

need to succeed!

When timing of collecting A/R is critical, let ConneX connect you with reliable and affordable ways to accelerate your invoice receipts (Net 30 etc) to 1 day 

When a bigger facility could mean a huge increase in production, why let a bank decline stand between you and your dreams? ConneX helps businesses not only get financing for the building but finance the equipment that will go in it. We'll even help speed up your cash flow.

Commercial Real estate financing


Our Seattle-based professional staff includes an MBA, banker, business owners in financial services, construction, hospitality, personal services, and retail. We know what a business owner is up against and know how to relate, solve problems, and identify the best solutions.

  • One-stop shopping for all alternative finance solutions saves you time to run your business. We select who we know are the best in their space; after 35 years in this specialty we've gotten to know the best!
  •  Get the equipment you need to increase profits
  •  Get the inventory you otherwise couldn't afford to fulfill large orders
  •  Speed up cash flow to avail yourself to opportunities, avoid late payments fees, and improve your credit
  •  Access to trusted advisors in the CFO role to maximize financial productivity and prepare for the future
  • Replenish cash to pay off bills, take advantage of discounts on volume inventory purchases and more